Food is not to be fed anymore, it’s to be felt as well. The surrounding, presentation; most importantly the taste of food give you this ‘feel’. Shantidine is surrounded by completely natural vibe. The green views with the platter of fresh food revive you both mentally and physically. Now come to our food quality. *Freshness is the key quality of Shantidine. Juice to dessert everything is made from garden fresh product. Vegetables and fruits, we callect from local community, just from the garden surrounded our dinning space. * We have clay oven beside regular burner. It is proven that foods made in the clay oven is tastier and fresher than other. * Our BBQ platter is popularly known in the Sreemangal city. Shantidine is open from morning to late night at your service. *Good news for newly parents. Our kitchen is open for you to make food for your toddlers yourself. ShantiTea It’s not just a cup of tea, it’s a warmth chance to meet you once again💜