Dream Comes True



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Tanvir Lincoln



Dream Comes True.

Being a volunteer of WNCSB has heightened my awareness of the natural beauty of Bangladesh. This delicate balance has opened my eyes to how fragile our environment actually is. On one hand, I am promoting tours throughout Bangladesh, especially in the Sundarban and Lawachhara forest. In organizing our tours, we offer an eco-friendly approach however it is impossible to monitor the tourists every move and their obtrusive activities on the environment. This face caused me to consider how to make natural world more attractive for tourists. If they are able to see the absolute beauty of nature they would come to have a deeper respect for all the natural surroundings. They would soon realize the value of the ground under their feet and act to be a trekker with a heart. With every step they will see
treasures, hears the sounds of the forest and observe the holuk gibbon making their home without human disturbances.

This thinking has shown how we can assist the ordinary tourist to become an eco-minded visitor. It has always been our plan to build a house close to nature so that travelers can see the country in its complete beauty.

With this in mind, the president of WNCSB has supported in building a thatched roof house inside forest. Usually, there are no opportunity of building anything inside the forest because all forests in Bangladesh are government property.

Instead, I have followed the Argo social model and built on private farm land within the tea garden in semi-forested land. This land is owned by local community who now run their own lemon and pineapple gardens. This is a unique place for nature lovers. If you wish, you are able to join with farm worker in cutting grasses, catching a fish or planting trees. In the new moon, you can see how fire flies making the dark of night glow with beauty. During the full moon, your path is lit from Mother Nature. This is an invaluable resort in abling the tourists the chance to see nature as it should be. 

Tanvir Lincoln, eco-tour promoter & Green Education campaigner, research